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Chesapeake Bay Seafood Cookbook
Pelican Publishing

Chesapeake Bay Crabs front cover

Released Fall, 2011, Pelican Publishing

I had fun with this one. I know, I have fun with all my books or I wouldn't write them. This, however, is a collection of recipes featuring the every tasty and ever versatile Chesapeake Bay Blue Crab. You'll find appetizers, soups, salads, entrees, and even dessert. Yes, a crab creme brulee, thank you. I talked to a couple of people who had made crab ice cream and besides the fact that it was expensive (using lump meat), people were sort of turned off by the name. Someone from England said that frozen crab bisque probably would sell better, but it's still expensive.

I've also included stories about crabs, an interview with Bernie Fowler, and instructions on how to buy, cook, and eat these delectable goodies.

Peaceful Places Washington, DC

Peaceful Places Washington, DC cover

Released, Winter, 2011, Menasha Ridge Publishing

With co-author Denis Collins, this book lists 114 peaceful places for a few minutes respite or hours or days in and around our Nation's Capital. They're in such categories as reading spaces, museums, gardens, urban surprises, etc. My favorite probably is the labyrinth on a rooftop near Union Station. Another favorite is the sixth-floor terrace at the Newseum. Yes, you have to pay to enter and the museum is almost always filled and nearly rowdy, but it's magically serene out on the terrace, overlooking Pennsylvania Avenue.

While this guide (and the other cities in the series) is good for visitors, about 80% of the audience has proven to be locals looking for that special place for lunch, a book, or just a thought or two.

It Happened in Maryland

It Happened in Maryland front cover

Pub date: September 4, 2012, Globe Pequot Press

It Happened in Maryland covers twenty-five events that shaped history. Sometimes it's local history, sometimes it's more wide-ranging. Among the subjects covered are the first bookmobile in Hagerstown, the Great Baltimore Fire that caused fire companies to start working toward universal sizes for hydrants and hoses, and finding a way around the Dutch Elm disease that killed so many gorgeous elm trees.

As I was constantly saying when I researched this, "I didn't know that," I'm hoping you will, too.

It Happened in Delaware

This book, like the Maryland title, will include stories about 25-30 events that shaped history. So far, suggestions have included the state border, the Dupont contributions, Dover Air Force Base, the Underground Railroad, Caesar Rodney's ride, and the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal construction. Your suggestions will be appreciated. Again, the important part is that the situation was "this" before the event and became "that" after the event.

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