Big Bang Marketing for Spas: See Your Profits Explode with these Easy and Effective Advertising and Publicity Ideas

Big Bang Marketing for Spas front cover

Judy Colbert and Saul Fruchthendler

The (late) Saul Fruchthendler and I were scheduled to address a spa convention with a seminar on "101 Ways to Market Your Spa." The woman writing the program text said, "Oh, you wrote the book." A short beat later I said, "Yes." It took us about two weeks to compile all the ideas and suggestions we'd collected over the years. Saul had been in advertising for 30 years and I'd had more than 20 years in writing about spas and doing promotional consulting. It took another two weeks to have it printed. We were scheduled to talk to about 300 spa owners and operators on September 11, 2001.

A few months later we sat down to create the updated and more professional-looking second edition, and about a year later we updated it for the third edition.

Each edition has sold out like hot cakes. I'm working on an updated and expanded version called Spa Marketing Ideas. It's being produced as an e-book that you can download onto your computer, and I hope it will be available by September.

You can pre-order your copy of Spa Marketing Ideas at the introductory price of $47.77. Check this site in a few weeks for ordering details.

ISBN 10: 0965318230