Career Opportunities in Travel front cover

Career Opportunities in Travel (2004)

As I worked on this book, I wanted to make sure that people who love travel and love something else (accounting, food, engineering, etc.) could know that they could combine those passions.

My favorite story about these combinations is the guy (I'm sorry I've forgotten your name) who woke up the morning of his college graduation with a degree in astronomy from his college in Hawaii wondering what he was going to do with this knowledge. His wife was looking through the help wanted ads and saw a position for an astronomer at the then-Hyatt Regency Waikoloa. He applied, was hired, and spent his evenings giving "star" tours of the night sky.

This series of books is aimed at high school and college students and people thinking about a second career.

Dee Minic, former executive director, Tourism Works for America, was kind enough to provide the foreward.

From the back cover:

Throughout the nine sections of the book, the reader will find a detailed quick-reference Career Profile for each job summarizing notable features of the job (duties, alternate titles, salary range, employment prospects, advancement prospects, and prerequisites); a Career Ladder illustrating frequent routes to and from the position described; and a comprehensive text pointing out special skills, education, training, and various associations relevant to each job. Also included is an index for fast, easy reference, as well as recently updated appendixes with listings of Internet resources, organizations and associations, and relevant educational institutions.

ISBN-10: 0816048649 (hard cover)
ISBN-13: 978-0816048649
ISBN-10: 0816048657 (paperback)
ISBN-13: 978-0816048657