Fun Places to Go With Children in Washington, DC (out of print)

Boy, did I have fun researching and writing the three editions of Fun Places. (Well, I always have fun with my books.) I started my research as a child growing up in Silver Spring, MD, when we took school class trips to the White House, the Smithsonian, and all the other attractions in the D.C. area.

I continued as the "mother" who would chaperone any class trip for my daughters' school. It didn't have to be my daughters' classes. Eventually, I put a halt to the Wonder Bread factory, the potato chip factory, and the zoo. Enough is enough. Those three are back on my list, now.

Even when I was legislative aide to Prince George's County Councilmember Francis (Frank) Francois, I spoke to classrooms about the services the county provided and how Prince George and Isaac Newton were connected.

Children helped me decide what should be included, specifically, in the text. As I toured the Washington National Cathedral, I listened to them ask about the gargoyles and ask why the Cathedral was taller than the Washington Monument even though the Cathedral is 301' tall and the Monument is 555.5. (The Cathedral is at a higher elevation). I compared the height of the moment with the length of DC's Metro stations (they're 600' long, so the Monument could fit inside them, if you could figure out how to do that).

My joy, now, is that my local daughter, Jazz, and her husband Raul, and their daughters, Rockzana and Sabrina, now use this book and my other local travel guidebooks (Virginia Off the Beaten Path and Maryland and Delaware Off the Beaten Path) to help decide where they want to go when they want to explore.

ISBN-10: 081181940X April 1998, third edition
ISBN-13: 978-0811819404