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Judy Colbert

The growing Trend in Fitness VacationsFrom Arizona to Maine, more than 100 spas provide a great escape into health, relaxation, physical activities, good nutrition, and just plain fun.

No two spas are alike in the fast-growning industry. Thanks to this carefully researched and personalized guide, however, you can find the spa that best fits your needs and your budget, be it a secluded resort where you can soak up the sun or a sumptuous spa where the focus is on exercise and eating habits. In addition, tips and hints on what to expect once you get there give you a head start on your best vacation ever.

before you go, remember that:

Spas are for the fit and the not-so-fit
Spas are for the trim and those in need of trimming
Spas are for those who want to be pampered and those who don’t
Spas are for the fashion=conscious and the down-to-earth
Spas are for singles, couples, and groups

Judy Colbert spent months visiting health spas throughout the country. She is a prolific freelance writer whose articles have appeared in AAA World, USA Today, The Boston Globe, and The Washington Post. She also has written the travel guide Virginia: Off the Beaten Path.

The Spa Guide is making history, thanks to precise, on-the-spot and in-depth coverage of America’s spa scene. This guide provides every possible perspective needed in helping you plan your health vacation.”          Pamela Lechtman, travel editor, Shape magazine.

The Spa Guide contains information that will take the unknown out of the spa experience…The helpful descriptions and glossary of spa vocabulary plus the information about the individual spas make it an excellent resource…”  Judith Singer and Patricia A. Monteson, co-owners, Health Fitness Dynamics, Inc.

"I have read many of the spa books and find The Spa Guide to be the most informative, descriptive, and well written. It will indeed be on our recommended list.
Rochelle Jaffe, owner Trvel Books Unlimited


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