Super Bowl Trivia 75 Quizzes From A to Z

J.M. Colbert

Super Bowl Trivia Cover

From the back cover:

Who lathered Joe Namath's face in the Noxzema shaving commercial?
Who was the first woman to toss the Super Bowl coin?
Who is the only player who has started on both offense and defense?
Which Super Bowl kick-off was called back because a television network was still in commercial?
What airline did Mean Joe Greene do a television commercial for?
Add to those questions:
What size SB ring did Refrigerator Perry wear? (see below for the answers).

For years I've been a tour leader for the Sports Travel and Tours trips. I also write their "city sheets" that gives trip participants ideas about where to go and what to see, and where to eat and shop.

Jay Smith, president, asked me to create one for Atlanta for the Super Bowl XXVIII. I thought it would be fun to include one or two pieces of trivia and was a little shocked (let's keep this in proportion) when I realized there were "serious" books about the Super Bowl and trivia books about sports. Nowhere, was there a book dedicated to the trivia of the Super Bowl games.

For about a year, I collected trivial items. I spent time at the Football Hall of Fame and library in Ohio. I watched pre-game shows and games at the Museum of Television and Radio (now the Paley Center) in New York. And I read and read and read.

I talked with Spalding about publishing the book and they were excited about a "gift with purchase" program and all the promotions we could do. That is, until they realized Wilson makes the Super Bowl balls. I talked with a New York packager who had even bigger dreams. He sent a blank contract which my attorney wouldn't let me sign and the packager said he'd send a completed contract. I never heard from him again.

So, I published my second book. Noted Detroit sports writer, Jerry Green, provided the foreward.

Super Bowl Trivia includes tidbits from the first XXX games, on such topics as advertising, coaches, left-handed quarterbacks, and other trivial matter.(Divorce Common Sense Handbook was the first. No, there's no connection and about 40 percent of the Super Bowl audience is female.)

I was featured on about 200 radio and TV shows a year, including national television. My marketing gurus said I couldn't write the book as "Judy Colbert" because guys wouldn't buy a football book by a woman (this was 1997). So, I authored it as J.M. Colbert. Radio producers would call to book "J.M." and I'd say, "that's me." "Hey, great, a woman who knows something about football." "Yes, as long as I ask the questions."

By the way, Frankie Clarke designed the cover. He also designed the Tuff Turtle Publishing logo.

The book is out of print, although I still have a few copies if you're interested in purchasing one. I'll even autograph it. Just put Super Bowl Trivia book order in the subject line.

Oh, the answers:

Farrah Fawcett (Namath said, "I'm getting creamed." Gunilla Knudsen did the "Take it Off, Take it Off" commercial the year before.
Marie Lombard (Her husband, Vince, had died the year before. Oh, and she was the only woman who's ever tossed the SB coin.)
E. J. Holdup (The Chief's starting right outside linebacker in SB I and their starting center in SB IV. Refrigerator Perry and Deion Sanders have both played on both sides of the line, but not as starters.)
The first SB game (Yes, I know it wasn't a SB game. NBC and CBS both carried the game and NBC was still in commercial at the beginning of the second half, so they called it back.)
United Airlines (He was sitting in a first-class seat and said something like, "This is almost comfortable enough for me. There's a funny story connected to this research. Feel free to ask me about it.)
Size 23 (It was for his middle finger, figuring it would have more gold in it. The average man's ring size is 11.)

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