(This page is still under construction, but here's the important information.)

My definition of marketing includes every dealing you have with your employees (employers), clients and customers, and anyone else who can affect your business.

Because of my background in writing, public relations, a smattering of Web design, and dealing with professionals in related and other fields, I offer a comprehensive look at what you're trying to do and how you're going about doing it.

Generally, the first thing I look at is your Web site because it's the easiest to fix. Contact me for a site review. You'll see better customer satisfaction that's worth many times my fee. I'll even review your home page for free. Or, you can check these seven important parts of your site yourself. Then, call me.

Does it make sense?
Is it legible?
Can visitors understand immediately what product or service you are selling?
Is it accessible (via alt text or tags) to the visually impaired and those who don't use images and graphics when they're surfing?
Does your site incorporate and use the full power of social networking?
Are the title bars informative?
Do you have your company name, address, URL, and phone number on every page?
Do you provide phone and e-mail options for people to contact you?

After that, we can delve into your marketing and public relations programs to see if you're getting the response you want.

I'll be starting a somewhat regular blog and e-letter about Web site usability and marketing. Sign up here to be notified when it starts.

I'm delighted to speak before groups with a no-tech or low-tech talk about Web site usability. Please feel free to contact me if you have a last-minute speaking need.

I also talk about free and inexpensive marketing ideas for spas, hotels and resorts, destinations, and other fields.

You can contact me by writing to Judy Colbert or calling 443-292-8253.