Expert Click logoSince 1984, Mitchell P. (Mitch) Davis has been operating the Yearbook of Experts, Authorities, and Spokespersons, a "dating service" between experts and the news media, now referred to as ExpertClick.

When you sign up as a member, your receive numerous benefits including:

You can distribute 52 news releases (white papers, column excerpts, interviews, blog notes, etc.). The releases go to LexisNexis and GoogleNews where they are distributed and archived, and to 12,000 journalists and talk show producers.

Journalists can find you when they come to the Web site searching for experts for an article or broadcast they're doing.

The option to offer your book for review. Once your book has been requested, you've been invited into the office and you can call asking what the reviewer is working on and how can you help?

A daybook calendar so journalists and talk show producers will know where you're traveling, signing books, speaking, or otherwise near to them so they can include you in their interviews.

There are many more benefits. Just click Judy Sent Me for more information and a $100 discount on a year's membership.